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We will arrange for a convenient time/place for a ‘get to know you’ meeting, at no charge to you.  This meeting allows you to decide if you would like to proceed.

We meet bi-weekly at a neutral site (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.) and spend around two hours talking over the challenges you are facing and how best to respond to them.  Our sessions take on a life of their own covering a broad range of subjects; always focused, though, on improving your business operations and allowing you to enjoy your personal life. 

Some examples of things we may consider:


These are just a few examples of things we will discuss.  Your sessions are unique to your business, your personality and the challenges YOU are facing!  Coming out of each session you will have some action items (of your choosing) to respond to before our next session.  You are welcome to contact me at any time about anything, and I will occasionally contact you between sessions to check on your progress.


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